An Introduction:

Welcome aboard. The agency is quite pleased to have such a skilled agent among its staff. I’d like to begin with the introduction of myself. I am your commanding officer, Colonel Comet. You’ll be assigned the codename “Kay.” I’d get to know you better, but we have an urgent situation on our hands. Our department head went rogue and stole a large sum of our agency. Intelligence has done their research well and has been tailing him ever since he left. He bought himself a nice private island off the coast of Tahiti. He’s made various investments that have paid off well for him. Interestingly he started an online gambling site. Recon has determined that infilitration of his compound is too risky and an assault is too costly. He’s enlisted the help of a rather string PMC based in Russia for security. For now, Our objective is to secure the lost funds he stole from us.

Mission: Gambit