Modern Grounds

Beauty Starts From the Ground Up

What We Do

Being a modern business means focusing on an experience that only your business can provide. A unique experience requires a unique look, and that's where we come in.

Modern Grounds

Designs of the past were often busy with excessive patterns and finely detailed accents. The average day of the past was less stimulating than the modern world around us. Taking a step back with a minamalist design offers a beautiful look without overwhelming your customers.

Why Choose Us

Modern Speeds with Traditional Integrity

Quickness and quality. Not only does the modern day demand sleek new looks that fling us to the future, but the speed to get more work done in less time. We embody a philosophy through utilizations of new technologies. This makes the average flooring install 20% faster than our competitors without sacrificing quality.

How they blend

Using new custom machinery that's guided by advances in AI by Doston Binamics, we've managed to make bi-pedal machines that do the work of traditional labor at a fraction of the cost. They don't eat, they rarely sleep, and best of all, can work all night too.

Our seasoned foreman inspect the quality of the job several times through the install process to ensure that mishaps don't happen. Their decades of flooring experience can switftly correct any mistakes that aren't caught by the AI's complex programming.

What We Do

We take flooring into the 21st century. From new materials floor replacements to refinishing generations old hardwood floors, we do it all with smiles on our faces. We've handled materials ranging from floating floors, vinyl kitch

What We Don't Do

We do a lot, but there's jobs we just can't. Jobs requiring welding panels, joints, or large prefabbed concrete over our machines weight limits are jobs we have to turn down.

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Our associates will be more than happy to learn more about your needs. The journey to a unique and modern experience starts with you.

If I have more questions?

The form below links to our help associates, who can answer just about any questions about flooring.